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Apply to Teroos The Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses

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On Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Apply to Teroos, The Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses before April 10th, 2018 to be part of a Waste Management Cluster in Egypt


The Teroos Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses, is an initiative by the National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) of the Egyptian-German-EU-Development (EGED) Partnership, designed to support sustainable development of the waste management sector in Egypt.

Waste management businesses in Egypt have a long history of success and have proven their capacity to develop tailored solutions for the local market and master their supply chains. The market potential for small growing waste management businesses has been very high due to the rising demand for raw material and import substitutes. Small growing waste management businesses are also efficient local job creators in both rural and urban settings and can provide state-of-the-art, locally-tuned market services and products. Moreover, agile and innovative WMBs can swiftly adapt to pressing needs and changing market conditions, and thus, can meet their clients’ demand for energy, feedstock and other specialized products and services in an efficient, cost-effective and flexible manner. In that sense, small growing WMBs are key for Egypt’s path towards improving its trade balance by decreasing its reliance on imported energy and materials and providing a higher local component of products and services. The growth of WMBs could signal the development of the waste management sector, as well as other sectors such as manufacturing, in Egypt.

Yet, for many years, WMBs placed most of their focus has been on low value-added products and services. Moreover, they have difficulties in accessing sector-specific technical support, market research information and specialized management consultancy services as well as in integrating with the informal sector. They also require more time to refine their business models, master their supply chains as well build a track record to leverage different forms of financing (as opposed to other sectors such as ICT and Food and Beverages).

In light of the above, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on the behalf of the Egyptian-German-EU-Development (EGED) Partnership’s newly launched National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP), is spearheading a specialized business growth suite “Growth Management Programme for Small growing Waste Management Businesses (WMBs)” to support small growing WMBs in the waste management sector.


Under the broader strategic framework of the NSWMP, the Programme’s selected small growing WMBs are envisioned to form the core of a waste management SMEs network that would shape the waste management sector in Egypt.

What is the Teroos Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses?

Teroos is a five-month growth management Programme that will introduce a comprehensive set of tools and knowledge as well as market-linkages and networking opportunities to allow innovative small growing waste management businesses (WMBs) to grow efficiently. Through a series of interactive workshops and private consultation sessions, the selected businesses will have the opportunity to develop comprehensive growth plans that address their businesses’ organizational, financial, and technological aspects. In addition, the businesses will have the opportunity to establish connections with business growth advisors and key stakeholders in the waste management sector through a series of a market-linkages and networking event and a series of structured introductory meetings with strategic clients, suppliers, debt/equity financiers and relevant private and public-sector entities. Selected WMBs will be offered financing facilitation support if needed. The businesses will also have the opportunity to be part of a cluster of small growing waste management businesses that will give them access to benefits such as co-bidding, building supplier-buyer relationships, lobbying and organization, etc.


Phase 1 – May – August – “Strategizing for Growth” – intensive hands-on workshops and practical application of the concepts on a weekly basis

  • A series of hands-on workshops that will cover diverse topics relevant to WMBs including an overview of the waste management context in Egypt, emerging waste management technology trends, strategic planning, organizational re-structuring, corporate performance improvement as well as financial analysis and planning and the relevant legal aspects. The Programme will target these topics in an integrated manner and will allow time for practical application; and
  • Periodic private consultation sessions with business and technical subject matter experts to offer tailored, in-depth advisory depending on the needs of the WMBs as well as to tie the workshop content to day-to-day activities and practical decision making.


Phase 2 – August-September 2018 – Accessing Markets and Finance – facilitation of investment and market linkages opportunities

  • Access to finance (debt and equity) and a variety of business development opportunities through an investment and market-linkages event as well as several structured introductory meetings that will connect the participating WMBs with key stakeholders from the waste management sector in Egypt. Selected businesses will be shortlists for the soft loan offered by the FEI-ECO office and will be offered training opportunities on environmental topics by the FEI-ECO Office and supported through networking and investment facilitation opportunities.

The Grand Objectives

  • To support the growth of small growing WMBs by offering the necessary tools and advisory to develop their growth plans and implement them in their day-to-day activities as well as through facilitating access to strategic markets and financing, and
  • To trigger the development of strong inter-connections between the selected WMB’s (that will cover different aspects of the value chain) as well as with other relevant stakeholders.

Who will implement the Teroos Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses?

The Teroos Growth Management Programme for Waste Businesses (WBs) is an initiative by the National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) of the Egyptian-German-EU-Development (EGED) Partnership, designed to support sustainable development of the waste management sector in Egypt. It is implemented by The National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP), Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development Office (ECO-FEI) and Chemonics Egypt Consultants (CE) in association with Cleantech Arabia. The Programme is brought to you by a consortium of public and private sector partners with over 40 years of collective experience in sustainable development and environmental management. The Programme’s activities will be implemented by Chemonics Egypt Consultants (CE) in association with Cleantech Arabia that have 20+ years of experience in the waste management sector and in MSME development.


By the End of the Programme the WMBs will be able to:

  • Understand the waste management context in Egypt as well as the emerging trends in the waste management technologies to assess the potential to penetrate new markets and adopt new technologies;
  • Plan every aspect of their business including their business models, investment and expansion strategies, organizational design, business processes, technology selection and product mix which is crucial to the growth of WMBs;
  • Develop and reflect their growth strategies on their day-to-day activities as well as business plan and organizational design;
  • Recognize internal and external bottlenecks and opportunities for growth, and
  • Identify strategic partnerships and/or alliances with other WMBs and key stakeholders in the waste management sector.

Who can apply?

  • WMBs that were established between 2008 and 2014 (between 4-10 years old) and that have been generating revenues for a minimum of 3 years;
  • Offer waste management products and/or services including, but not limited to
    • General waste management services and/or recycling including manufacturing of value added products/materials;
    • Waste-to-energy solutions in the areas of pyrolysis, biogas, RDF, pellets, biodiesel and biomass; and
    • Equipment providers and manufacturers that service the waste management sector such as provide shredders, dry fermenters, pelletizing machines etc.
  • The WMBs must have at least a tax ID and commercial registration;
  • Priority will be given to
    • WMBs averaging 2 million EGP in revenues yearly and growing by at least 20% on average annually; and/or
    • Manufacturing WMBs that are producing value added products/services.
  • WMBs must demonstrate high potential to grow and scale, through an Expression of Interest (EOI).

How to Apply?

1) Please fill out the basic profile form:
2) Please send your EOI (in PDF format and in Arabic or English) to Ms. Karina Boers (GIZ), cc: Ms. Irene Boghdadi (Chemonics Egypt Consultants (CE) – implementation partner) by April 10th, 2018. The shortlisted applicants will be invited for a panel interview. The EOI should include:

  • An executive summary of the business (maximum of one page) including a description of the business idea and products and services
  • An explanation of the business’ growth and scalability potential (maximum of one page) including a description of the
    • Annual revenues or sales growth percentages for at least three years (including 2015-2017);
    • Projected/expected average growth in the next three years;
  • Profile/resume of the business representatives who will attend the Programme. Note:
    • Up to 2 people can attend from each team.
    • One representative should attend the full Programme (must be a key decision maker such as middle management levels or higher) and be the main contact point with the Programme.
  • The application could include an ANNEX that contained applicant videos, company brochures/profiles, sample product pictures etc.

Programme Selection Criteria

  • (1/3rd of the score) Growth rate;
  • (1/3rd of the score) Market potential; and
  • (1/3rd of the score) Demonstration of professionalism and commitment

Programme Dates and Venue:

  • The selection will take place by April 30th ,2018.
  • Phase (1) – The workshops will take place from May 2018 – August 2018 on a weekly basis.
  • Phase (2) – The investment and market-linkages event will take place in September 2018.
  • The workshops will take place on a mix of full weekdays and weekends to accommodate for the schedules of the WMBs. All the workshops will take place in Cairo. The venue will be confirmed.
  • Note: Travel and accommodation expenses from other governorates to and from Cairo are not covered.



Small Growing Waste Management Businesses; Driving Egypt’s Waste Management Sector


About the Implementing Partners:


The National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP)

The Egyptian-German-EU-Development (EGED) Partnership’s National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) supports the sustainable development of the waste sector in Egypt. The NSWMP combines financial cooperation for investment in municipal solid waste management infrastructure and services in four governorates, with its technical cooperation addressing the policy, legal and institutional framework and providing capacity building at the national, governorate and local level.  An important outcome of the NSWMP has been the establishment of the Egyptian Waste Management Authority (WMRA) in late 2015, taking on the leading role within Government of developing policy, legislation and strategy, as well as supporting and guiding the decentralised implementation of SWM systems across the country. In 2017, NSWMP initiated its private sector development activities focusing on intensifying the communication and cooperation between private and public stakeholders in Egypt’s waste sector. Its purpose it to increase private businesses’ engagement through strengthening technical, managerial, and legal capacities and facilitating access to finance to sustainable and scalable waste management businesses, as well as providing market research on the development of Egypt’s waste industry.


Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) Environmental Compliance and sustainable development Office (ECO-FEI):

The Environmental Compliance Office (ECO) provides premium consultancy services in the field of environmental compliance. ECO helps its clients achieve environmental compliance by the application of Cleaner Production technologies (CP) thus reducing the environmental impacts of their business and at the same time attaining higher profits due to improved product quality and reduced waste. The office is currently active in promoting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment in the small and medium enterprises (SME). It has always incorporated issues such as gender, child labor, OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) as an integral part of its environmental activities, and SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), ILSI (International Life Science Institute), PPSI (Private Public Sector Industry), and EOS (Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality). The Environmental Compliance Office at the Federation of Egyptian Industries (ECO) was established in 2002 by the Egyptian Government in accordance with article 3 of presidential decree no. 64 of 2001. ECO provides premium consultancy services for the private industrial sector in the field of cleaner production, environmental management system and energy efficiency, strengthen the competencies and the local capabilities to promote the cleaner production technology.


Chemonics Egypt Consultants (CE)

Chemonics Egypt Consultants is an Egyptian Engineering and Management Consulting firm based in Cairo, was founded in 1992 as a franchise to Chemonics International, a Washington D.C. based international development consulting firm. In less than 23 years, CE has grown from a small partnership to an independent joint-stock firm capable of simultaneously implementing multiple large-scale projects, providing its advisory services to governments, public sector companies, NGO’s, as well as private sector companies in the MENA region. Since its establishment in 1992, Chemonics Egypt Consultants has acquired vast experience in all aspects and phases of Solid Waste Management (SMW), in the MENA region in general and in Egypt in particular. Chemonics Egypt Consultants’ involvement covers both the institutional and engineering aspects throughout all phases of the project lifecycle, from projects identification to post implementation evaluation, at the sector level as well as at project level. CE has worked on a variety of projects of various sizes and scopes serving start-ups, MSMEs, local governments and international donors. Some of its main services include waste management technology assessment, capacity building and training, industrial feasibility analysis and MSME development.


Cleantech Arabia

Cleantech Arabia is a foundation that advances job creation, local economic development, and environmental protection through supporting businesses in the clean technology sector. Through our support mechanisms, a clean technology thriving market would evolve in which entrepreneurs/MSEs would not only achieve personal success but also develop environmental solutions which enhance the quality of life of local communities. Cleantech Arabia’s vision is to build a sustainable innovation based economies in the Arab World with continuously increasing quality of life and decreasing of poverty. Cleantech Arabia started as an initiative in 2013 and was registered as a company in 2015. Cleantech Arabia is privately funded by its founders and operates on a non-profit basis. Cleantech Arabia has a long record of collaborating with CE in various startups and MSMEs funded projects.