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Fluorescent Lamps Competition Results

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On Monday, May 1, 2017

The closing event of the student competition took place on April 30th in Library of Alexandria, where Dr. Salah Soliman, Senior Expert in the Library of Alexandria and Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology of Pesticides at the University of Alexandria, inaugurated the event and welcomed the attendees. Eng. Ahmed Zaghlool, General Manager of  Lightning technology in TOSHIBA El-Araby, and Eng. Shoukry Hussien GIZ Consultant.

On April 17th 2017, and as part of the activities of the “Collection of Waste Fluorescent Lamps in Alexandria” Pilot Project, The NSWMP launched a competition for Students in University and High school, where they have to design either a poster (for Preparatory and Secondary School Students) or produce a video (for University Students) addressing the issue of Mercury toxicity.

To know more about the competition: http://nswmp.net/video-competition-announcement/

12 Students were awarded for their creative posters/videos.