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Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM)

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On Saturday, February 28, 2015


The concept of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management can be shown by the “Two triangles” approach:

A. Physical Indicators

1. Public health: maintaining healthy conditions in cities through a good waste collection service.

2. Environment: protection of the environment throughout the waste chain, especially during waste treatment and disposal.

3. Resource recovery – 3Rs: ‘closing the loop’ and returning both materials and nutrients to beneficial use, through preventing waste and striving for high rates of reuse, materials recycling and organics recovery.

B. Governance indicators

1. User and provider inclusivity: providing transparent spaces for stakeholders to contribute as users, providers and enablers.

2. Financial sustainability: being cost-effective and affordable.

3. A base of sound institutions & proactive policies.

Source: Operator Models. Respecting Diversity: Concepts for Sustainable Waste Management – Réka Soós, Andrew Whiteman, David C. Wilson, Cosmin Briciu, Ekkehard Schwehn (ERM Germany, RWA UK, Green Partners Romania, Wasteaware UK), 2013

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