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Purchasing 9 Hooklift Container 24 m3

  • Type

  • Timeline

    2 Months
  • Bugdet

    EGP 1,441,423


  • Work as transfer station.
  • Increasing the overall solid waste management system efficiency.
  • Increasing the efficiency of waste collection.

Environmental and Social Impact

Expected Results

  • Creating new jobs.
  • Private sectors participation in the operation.
  • Collect the waste from the city and villages in the Markaz.
  • More efficiency for transportation of waste into transfer station and disposal site.
  • Proper environmental impact
  • No accumulation of waste in cities and village

  • Increase the efficiency of solid waste collection and transportation to the MBT and controlled dumpsite located in Assuit Governorates.
  • Improving the solid waste collection and transportation at selected cities and number of mother village.
  • Prepare procurement, tender document and other documents specialized for delivering this equipment.
  • Mitigation measures to reduce recent emissions of the open uncontrolled dumpsite.
  • Collect daily Garbage from el fath city and 2 districts from el fath district to transport them to Assuit MBT plant.

Implemented By

Contractor (Al - Salhiya Company for Metal and Technical Industries for Engineering Services)

Problems to be Addressed

Increasing the efficiency of waste collection.