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Construction Of Transfer Station For Samanoud Markaz

  • Type

    Transfer Station - Sorting
  • Timeline

    5 Months
  • Bugdet

    EGP 7,100,000


  • Daily transfer of waste from transfer station to prevent the waste accumulation in the city.
  • Reduction of the transfer cost.
  • RDF and recyclables to be recovered and sold
  • Transfer of remaining materials only to treatment site.
  • Protect the human health and environment from pollution.

Environmental and Social Impact

Expected Results

  • Creating new jobs.
  • Private sectors participation in the operation.
  • Local manufactures of recycling plants.
  • Receive waste from the city and villages in the Markaz.
  • Waste segregation into RDF, Recycling material, Organic material.

  • Construction of one transfer station for Samanoud Markaz.
  • Samanoud transfer station with sorting: capacity 15 tons /hour.
  • The quantity of waste generated at Samanoud Markaz is 190 tons / day.
  • The equipment required for Samanoud transfer station with sorting are 2 small loader – 2 tractor with trailer . head of truck and trailer for transferring the RDF.
  • Stationery equipment are conveyer, screen, wind shifter and hydraulic press.
  • Civil works.
  • The land in Samanoud city will be available after removing accumulations on site.

Implemented By

Contractor (NOMP)

Problems to be Addressed

Reduction of quantity (and cost) of waste requiring disposal at Sadat landfill by: (i) increased recovery of resources; (ii) utilization of an efficient transfer station/long distance transport system.