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Developing Al-Mahala Composting Plant For Raising Its Efficiency

  • Type

  • Timeline

    4 Months
  • Bugdet

    EGP 6,500,000


  • Prevent the waste accumulation in the future.
  • Reorganize facility to create increased capacity for fermentation and maturation of the compost.
  • Utilization of waste by producing RDF, Recyclables and compost.
  • Minimize the quantity of waste going to Sadat landfill.

Environmental and Social Impact

Expected Results

  • Creating new jobs.
  • Private sectors participation in the operation.
  • Local manufactures to modify the plants.
  • Receive the waste from the city and villages in the Markaz.
  • Utilization of waste treatment by produce RDF, Recyclables and compost.
  • Maximize the utilization of Recyclables and RDF.
  • Proper environmental operating reducing the cost of final disposal.
  • Save space of land for fermentation and maturation of the compost.

  • Development of Al Mahla plant to increase its efficiency, capacity, and enhance the quality of RDF.
  • Prepare procurement and tender document and implementation of the rehabilitation of Mahala plant
  • Development Al Mahala Plant to raise the capacity of composting and enhance the quality of RDF as follows:
    • 2 wind shifters
    • 2 Loader 0.3 m3
    • Trommel
    • 2 lines for processing fines

Implemented By

Contractor (NOMP)

Problems to be Addressed

Reduction of quantity (and cost) of waste requiring disposal at Sadat landfill by increased recovery of resources.