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Remove The Accumulation Waste At Carrefour (Tanta), Al-mahalla Al-kubra, Zifta And Samannoud Markaz By Transporting It To Sadat Landfill

  • Type

    Accumulation Removal
  • Timeline

    5 Months
  • Bugdet

    EGP 9,000,000


  • Remove the accumulation from these areas.
  • Find a free space for establishing new projects.
  • Increase waste segregation efficiency and the quantity of recycling materials.
  • Good operation for the new collection system.
  • Prevent the burning of waste and protect the environment and human health.

Environmental and Social Impact

Expected Results

  • Creating new jobs.
  • Private sectors participation in the operation of removing.
  • Save space of land for new projects.
  • Save the diseases and drugs expenses resulting from the pollution prevention and environmental protections.

Removal of the accumulated waste at Carrefour, Mahala, Zifta and Samannoud Markaz. The waste burns and pollutes the environment and affects the human health. The total accumulation of waste are about 200,000 tons.

Implemented By

Contractor (NOMP)

Problems to be Addressed

Large accumulations of waste in urban areas that are a direct threat to human health and the environment.